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Baldacchino, D. (author), Simao Ferreira, C. (author), de Tavernier, D.A.M. (author), Timmer, W.A. (author), van Bussel, G.J.W. (author)
Passive vane-type vortex generators (VGs) are commonly used on wind turbine blades to mitigate the effects of flow separation. However, significant uncertainty surrounds VG design guidelines. Understanding the influence of VG parameters on airfoil performance requires a systematic approach targeting wind energy-specific airfoils. Thus, the 30...
journal article 2018
Pereira, R. (author), Van Bussel, G.J.W. (author), Timmer, W.A. (author)
The increasing size of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines and the trend to install wind farms further offshore demand more robust design options. If the pitch system could be eliminated, the availability of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines should increase. This research investigates the use of active stall control to regulate power production in...
journal article 2014