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Van Dorp, W.F. (author), Wnuk, J.D. (author), Gorham, J.M. (author), Fairbrother, D.H. (author), Madey, T.E. (author), Hagen, C.W. (author)
The total cross section has been measured for the electron induced dissociation of trimethyl (methylcyclopentadienyl) platinum (IV) [MeCpPt(IV)Me3], a Pt precursor often used in focused electron beam induced processing (FEBIP), for incident electron energies ranging between 3–3 keV. Measurements were performed for the precursor in the adsorbed...
journal article 2009
Van Dorp, W.F. (author)
Work started with a critical review of literature from the past 70-odd years. The review shows that the physical processes occurring in EBID are generally well understood. By combining models for electron scattering in a solid and electron beam induced heating and knowledge of growth regimes, the majority of the experimental results was...
doctoral thesis 2008