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Van Engelen, A. (author), Niessen, W.J. (author), Klein, S. (author), Groen, H.C. (author), Verhagen, H.J.M. (author), Wentzel, J.J. (author), Van der Lugt, A. (author), De Bruijne, M. (author)
Atherosclerotic plaque composition can indicate plaque vulnerability. We segment atherosclerotic plaque components from the carotid artery on a combination of in vivo MRI and CT-angiography (CTA) data using supervised voxelwise classification. In contrast to previous studies the ground truth for training is directly obtained from 3D registration...
journal article 2014
Van Engelen, A. (author), De Bruijne, M. (author), Klein, S. (author), Verhagen, H. (author), Groen, H. (author), Wentzel, J. (author), Van der Ligt, A. (author), Niessen, W. (author)
Automatic quantification of carotid artery plaque composition is important in the development of methods that distinguish vulnerable from stable plaques. MRI has shown to be capable of imaging different components noninvasively. We present a new plaque classification method which uses 3D registration of histology data with ex vivo MRI data,...
conference paper 2011