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Van Goor, B. (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), Soudarissanane, S.S. (author)
It has been demonstrated that surface changes in the order of millimeters are detectable using terrestrial laser scanning. In practice however, it is still virtually impossible to detect such small changes from for example repeated scans of a complex industrial scene. The three main obstructions are, first, a priori uncertainty on what objects...
conference paper 2011
Van Goor, B. (author)
A Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) is a powerful tool for surveying. Tens of millions of points are acquired with a high accuracy and within a short time. The resulting point clouds can be used to find changes and deformations. For this project, four point clouds of the metro station and tunnel at Rotterdam central station are available. The...
master thesis 2011
Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), Soudarissanane, S.S. (author), De Vries, S. (author), Coquet, M. (author), De Schipper, M. (author), Hejbudzka, K. (author), Duijnmayer, K. (author), Van Goor, B. (author), Cohen, A. (author)
Morphodynamic changes at sandy coasts, as are dominant in The Netherlands, are typically monitored at yearly intervals by means of LIDAR. Meanwhile it is recognized that beach morphodynamics is not a regular process but is strongly correlated to meteorological conditions. A time series of 14 terrestrial laser scans of a beach experiment is...
conference paper 2010