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Borsoi, G. (author), Van Hees, R. (author), Lubelli, B. (author), Veiga, R. (author), Santos Silva, A. (author)
The development of nanomaterials is growing exponentially in the last decade. New discoveries and their applications have taken place in different fields, such as electronics, chemistry, biology and physics. Some innovative nanoproducts have become available also for the conservation of cultural heritage (e.g. nano-Ca(OH)2, nano-SiO2, nano-TiO2,...
conference paper 2015
Ruiz-Agudo, E. (author), Lubelli, B. (author), Sawdy, A. (author), Van Hees, R. (author), Price, C. (author), Rodriguez-Navarro, C. (author)
San Jeronimo Monastery (Granada, Spain) was selected as a case study for the investigation of the effect of indoor environmental conditions on salt weathering and for on-site testing of a remediation treatment using crystallization inhibitors on account of the extreme salt damage affecting both the building stone, a biomicritic limestone,...
journal article 2010
Quist, W. (author), Van Hees, R. (author), Naldin, S. (author), Nijland, T. (author)
By means of a questionnaire a study was carried out to investigate the perception of small scale damage and repairs of natural stone used in buildings. Participants were asked to evaluate damage to natural stone shown on pictures. They were also asked to give their opinion on interventions needed to preserve or restore the material. Significant...
conference paper 2008