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Huijben, F. (author), Van Herwijnen, F. (author), Nijsse, R. (author)
This paper provides a new perspective on the construction process of concrete shell structures and introduces a new cost saving approach for constructing (single curved) concrete shells using Vacuumatics formwork.
conference paper 2011
Steenhuis, C.M. (author), Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. (author), Van Herwijnen, F. (author), Snijder, H.H. (author)
Resistance, stiffness and deformation capacity are three characteristics describing the behaviour of (statically loaded) structures. The stiffness relates mostly to the serviceability of the structure. The resistance and deformation capacity relate to the safety of the structure. Nowadays, the safety of structures is checked explicitly with help...
journal article 2002