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De Boer, J. (author), Langlois, M. (author), Van Holstein, R. G. (author), Girard, J. H. (author), Mouillet, D. (author), Vigan, A. (author), Dohlen, K. (author), Snik, F. (author), Stam, D.M. (author)
Context. Polarimetric imaging is one of the most effective techniques for high-contrast imaging and for the characterization of protoplanetary disks, and it has the potential of becoming instrumental in the characterization of exoplanets. The Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet REsearch (SPHERE) instrument installed on the Very Large...
journal article 2020
Van Holstein, R. (author)
The search for and characterization of exoplanets and other sub-stellar companions are hot topics in contemporary astronomy. Currently, the characterization of the atmospheres of exoplanets through direct imaging leverages on the analysis of only the intensity of their light as a function of wavelength and time. Additional information on the...
master thesis 2016