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Ye, G. (author), Lukovic, M. (author), Ghiassi, B. (author), Aldin, Zainab (author), Prinsse, Silke (author), Liu, Jonh (author), Nedeljković, Marija (author), Hordijk, D.A. (author), Lagendijk, P. (author), Bosman, A. (author), Blom, T.A. (author), van Leeuwen, M. (author), Huang, Zhekang (author), Celada, Ulric (author), Du, C. (author), van den Berg, J.A.M. (author), Thijssen, A. (author), Wijte, Simon (author)
The sustainability of infrastructure projects is becoming increasingly important issue in engineering practice. This means that in the future the construction materials will be selected on the basis of the contribution they can make to reach sustainability requirements. Geopolymers are materials based on by-products from industries. By using...
journal article 2019
Van Leeuwen, M. (author)
doctoral thesis 2008