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Van Muijden, J. (author)
Since its conception, the increasing need for graphical detail has been a driving factor for the gaming industry. The 3D scenes rendered in modern games have increased in detail and scale at a rapid rate, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The ever-increasing processing power and the development of faster 3D rendering...
master thesis 2013
Kok, J.C. (author), Van Muijden, J. (author), Burgers, S.S. (author), Dol, H. (author), Spekreijse, S.P. (author)
Scientific enhancement of the analysis of thermal comfort aspects in aircraft cabins is the subject of the current investigation. For this purpose, three important processes are identified that play a significant role in thermal comfort, viz. the human response to its thermal environment which is also known as thermoregulation, the actual...
conference paper 2006