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D' Angremond, K. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author), Van Nes, C.P. (author)
in this study an analysis concerning the pulsating and impact portion of the tensile stresses inside tetrapod armour units is presented. The data has been obtained from a series of small scale model tests performed at Delft Hydraulics. Stresses have been measured using a load cell technique developed and made available by Coastal Engineering...
report 1995
Van Nes, C.P. (author)
In the late seventies, begin eighties a number of large breakwaters was severely damaged. The armour layer of these breakwaters consisted of slender concrete armour units, like dolosse or tetrapods. It appeared that one of the main reasons of failure of these breakwaters was breakage of the armour units. Obviously, the mechanical strength of the...
master thesis 1994