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Van Santvliet, Pieter (author), Rozendaal, Aart (author)
This thesis shows the detailed design of the control and software of a DC microgrid of a tiny house community on the roof of a high-rise building in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, consisting of twelve tiny houses powered by solar and wind energy. This thesis is part of a project with two other subgroups, focusing on the microgrid...
bachelor thesis 2021
Landuyt, Wim (author), Somers, Korneel (author), Van de Sype, Onno (author), Van Santvliet, Pieter (author)
A tiny house is a building for permanent human habitation that is specifically designed to have a limited ground surface. The tiny house design discussed in this report has a strong focus on circularity, sustainable material usage, smart systems, and affordability. To achieve an overall self-regulating and ecological concept, the aim is to...
student report 2021