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Sapra, H.D. (author), Stam, J.N. (author), Reurings, Jeroen (author), van Biert, L. (author), van Sluijs, Wim (author), de Vos, P. (author), Visser, K. (author), Aravind, P.V. (author), Hopman, J.J. (author)
The current literature on solid oxide fuel cell and internal combustion engine (SOFC-ICE) integration is focused on the application of advanced combustion technologies operating as bottoming cycles to generate a small load share. This integration approach can pose challenges for ships such as restricted dynamic capabilities and large space...
journal article 2021
Sapra, H.D. (author), Godjevac, M. (author), de Vos, P. (author), Van Sluijs, Wim (author), Linden, Youri (author), Visser, K. (author)
With increasingly stringent emission regulations, marine natural gas engines need to improve their performance. Various proven advantages of hydrogen-natural gas (H-NG) blends make them a promising enhanced fuel solution. Although modelling of H-NG combustion has been investigated before, mostly using CFD models, the literature on the...
journal article 2020