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Klievink, A.J. (author), Van Stijn, E. (author), Hesketh, D. (author), Aldewereld, H. (author), Overbeek, S. (author), Heijmann, F. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author)
With increasing global trade and growing emphasis on security, enhanced information sharing between actors in global supply chains is required. Currently, the data about cargo available in the supply chain does not provide a timely and accurate description of the goods. To solve this data quality issue, data should be captured upstream at the...
journal article 2012
Van Stijn, E. (author), Klievink, A.J. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author)
The use of information and communication technology (ICT) for international trade is increasingly impor- tant. The EU-funded projects ITAIDE and CASSANDRA propose further innovations to solve the trade con- trol and facilitation dilemma.
journal article 2011