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Van Winden, K.B.A. (author)
There are many applications that use maps, and more detailed the maps are, more applications can benefit from the map. Many maps are still manually created and also the underlying attributes are informed in a manual process. This thesis presents a method to automatically derive and update attribute road data by mining and analyzing movement...
master thesis 2014
Van Winden, K.B.A. (author), Onrust, B. (author), Van der Laan, E. (author), Kruminaite, M. (author), Makri, A. (author), Xu, W. (author), Liu, H. (author)
This is the final report of the 2013 Synthesis Project of MSc Geomatics. The research is about the possibilities of creating the DaRen application: "A multi-purpose 3D indoor navigation application".
student report 2013