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Van de Poel, Mathijs (author)
The thesis investigates the possible space application of a commercial 3D NAND memory as a radiation monitor. Literature has indicated that both traditional 2D and 3D flash memories are sensitive to ionizing radiation. Where the track of particle could be seen passing through the 3D architecture. A flash memory cell stores data with a collection...
master thesis 2018
Sundaramoorthy, P.P. (author), Cervone, A. (author), Speretta, S. (author), Mestry, S.S. (author), Noomen, R. (author), Pepper, Sean (author), Van de Poel, Mathijs (author)
The Earth–Moon system is constantly being bombarded by a significant number of meteoroids with different sizes and velocities. Observation of the lunar surface impacts will enable characterization of the lunar meteoroid flux, which is similar to that of the Earth, and provide more detailed information on meteoroid size, velocity, temporal and...
conference paper 2018