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Eftekharimilani, P. (author), van der Aa, E.M. (author), Petrov, R.H. (author), Hermans, M.J.M. (author), Richardson, I.M. (author)
The effect of an automotive paint bake (PB) thermal cycle on the microstructural evolution and the mechanical properties of resistance spot welded advanced high strength steel is presented in this work. Mechanical behavior of the heat-treated welds reveals an increase in maximum cross-tension strength, displacement and subsequently energy...
journal article 2018
Amirthalingam, M. (author), Van der Aa, E.M. (author), Kwakernaak, C. (author), Hermans, M.J.M. (author), Richardson, I.M. (author)
The partitioning behaviour of carbon, phosphorous and boron during the solidification of a resistance spot weld pool was studied using experimental simulations and a phase field model. Steels with varying carbon, phosphorous and boron contents were designed and subjected to a range of resistant spot welding thermal cycles. Mechanical properties...
journal article 2015
Van der Aa, E.M. (author)
One of the major problems during welding of thin plate structures is the occurrence of buckling distortion. This type of distortion is caused by the formation of compressive welding stresses; when these stresses exceed a certain critical stress level, the structure will buckle. Most methods for eliminating the welding induced buckling distortion...
doctoral thesis 2007