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Van der Burg, S. (author)
Nowadays, software systems are bigger and more complicated than people may think. Apart from the fact that a system has to be correctly constructed and should meet the client's wishes, they also have to be made ready for use to end-users or in an isolated test environment. This process is known as the software deployment process. Due to various...
doctoral thesis 2013
Van der Burg, S. (author), Davies, J. (author), Dolstra, E. (author), German, D.M. (author), Hemel, A. (author)
With the current proliferation of open source software components, intellectual property in general, and copyright law in particular, has become a critical non-functional requirement for software systems. A key problem in license compliance engineering is that the legal constraints on a product depend on the licenses of all sources and other...
report 2012
Van der Burg, S. (author), Dolstra, E. (author)
System administrators and developers who deploy distributed systems have to deal with a deployment process that is largely manual and hard to reproduce. This paper describes how networks of computer systems can be reproducibly and automatically deployed from declarative specifications. Reproducibility also ensures that users can easily...
report 2010