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Kalogianni, E. (author), Sileryte, R. (author), Lam, M. (author), Zhou, K. (author), Van der Ham, M. (author), Van der Spek, S.C. (author), Verbree, E. (author)
Within this research-driven project, passive WiFi monitoring of WiFi enabled devices was used to detect users (students, employees, visitors) of buildings at the campus of Delft University of Technology to gain insight into the Rhythm of the Campus: the occupation, duration of stay and moving pattern at and between the different facilities ...
conference paper 2015
Van der Ham, M. (author)
Indoor positioning is becoming a hot topic in public areas that are used by large numbers of people. Finding people and assets in buildings has become more difficult because of the complexity and scale of today’s public space. On the subject of locating assets in the hospital the following use case is defined for this project. Positioning and...
master thesis 2015
Van der Ham, M. (author), Kalogianni, E. (author), Lam, M. (author), Sileryte, R. (author), Zhou, K. (author), Van der Spek, S.C. (author), Verbree, E. (author), Valks, B. (author)
This Geomatics project was carried out in commission of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Geofort Herwijnen and Facility Management of TU Delft. The research project and this report deliver important fundamental information for scientific/academic paper on Wifi tracking
student report 2014