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Schutte, S. (author), Geukers, E.B.M. (author), Simonsz, H.J. (author), Van der Helm, F.C.T. (author)
Apparatus and method for automatically determining a strabismus angle of the eyes of an individual by performing a reflection test on said eyes, comprising the steps of : -directing at least a first beam of light onto said eyes of the individual; -having the individual focus its eyes; -using at least one imaging device for: measuring the light...
patent 2011
Schutte, S. (author), Polling, J.R. (author), Van der Helm, F.C.T. (author), Simonsz, H.J. (author)
Background- Reoperations are frequently necessary in strabismus surgery. The goal of this study was to analyze human-error related factors that introduce variability in the results of strabismus surgery in a systematic fashion. Methods- We identified the primary factors that influence the outcome of strabismus surgery. For each of the human...
journal article 2008