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Van, G.Y. (author), Onasanya, A.A. (author), van Engelen, J.M.L. (author), Oladepo, Oladimeji (author), Diehl, J.C. (author)
Schistosomiasis is one of the Neglected Tropical Diseases that affects over 200 million people worldwide, of which 29million people in Nigeria. The principal strategy for schistosomiasis in Nigeria is a control and elimination program which comprises a school-based Mass Drug Administration (MDA)with limitations of high re-infection rates and...
journal article 2020
Sluiter, M.M. (author), Onasanya, A.A. (author), Oladepo, Oladimeji (author), van Engelen, J.M.L. (author), Keshinro, Myryam (author), Agbana, T.E. (author), Van, G.Y. (author), Diehl, J.C. (author)
Schistosomiasis is a treatable and preventable neglected tropical disease of Public Health importance affecting over 200 million people worldwide while Nigeria is one of the high burden countries. Currently, available diagnostic tests are cumbersome, low in sensitivity and not field-adaptable given the high skills required that are not available...
conference paper 2020
Licher, Yvonne (author), Visser, Jan Simon (author), Van, G.Y. (author), Diehl, J.C. (author)
In low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), diagnostics are not always available in remote areas. Hospitals and healthcare centres are often too far from the community, and waiting times are up to a few hours even for relatively simple procedures. Moreover, travelling to the healthcare centre and taking the diagnostic test is frequently...
conference paper 2019