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Pourakbar, M. (author), Zuidwijk, R.A. (author), Veenstra, A. (author), Lucassen, I. (author)
This paper aims at studying the coordination of governmental actors, such as customs, and supply chain partners in order to mitigate risks. To do so the concepts of supply chain visibility and data pipeline are briefly revisited. Then the result of a survey, highlighting the risk coordination challenges, carried with customs and supply chain...
conference paper 2012
Veenstra, A. (author)
This project creates a more open space towards the sea. It connects the boulevard of Scheveningen, with the area behind. It's also the new entrance to the boulevard, for everyone who is coming by bike, car or public transportation. Near the Kurhaus, is the shopping mall "Palace Promenade." with on top of it, three apartment towers. This shopping...
master thesis 2012