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Veldt, Timo (author)
Many coastlines fronted by a coral reef are threatened by wave driven flooding. For this reason, waves in coral reef environments has been topic of many studies. However, most are focused on a 1D simplification of the coral reef environment. These studies neglect the impact of 2D processes, for example wave directional spread. In this study an...
master thesis 2019
Koppes, Fabian (author), van der Veer, Machiel (author), Veldt, Timo (author), Marif, Kizjè (author), Smits, Roy (author)
Due to climate change and growing cities, water scarcity is becoming one of the futures biggest problems. On top of that, the population and prosperity of cities around the equator are growing fast. Meaning that the need for electricity, cooling and drinking water will grow fast in the following decades. ROTEC’s vision is that these growing...
student report 2018