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Arts, R.J. (author), Zhang, X. (author), Verdel, A.R. (author), Santonico, D. (author), Meekes, J.A.C. (author), Noorlandt, R.P. (author), Paap, B.F. (author), Vandeweijer, V.P. (author)
Since July 2008, CO2 is injected into a saline aquifer near the town of Ketzin in Germany. For monitoring the CO2- migration close to the injection well, TNO installed a fixed 2D seismic array of 120 meters length in 2009, with 3- component geophones at the surface, 4-component receivers at 50 meters depth and a central vertical array of 4-...
journal article 2013
Gouedard, P. (author), Roux, P. (author), Campillo, M. (author), Verdel, A.R. (author), Yao, H. (author), Van der Hilst, R.D. (author)
We use seismic prospecting data on a 40 × 40 regular grid of sources and receivers deployed on a 1 km × 1 km area to assess the feasibility and advantages of velocity analysis of the shallow subsurface by means of surface-wave tomography with Green's functions estimated from crosscorrelation. In a first application we measure Rayleigh-wave...
journal article 2011