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Jassim, I. (author), Tan, S. (author), Vermeer, P.A. (author), Hicks, M.A. (author)
The numerical simulation of wave attack on a sea dike with an asphalt concrete revetment during a severe storm is carried out using the dynamic Finite Element Method. When wave loads attack the revetment during such a storm, both the revetment and the underlying soil may be damaged. The two-phase flow equations are considered, to study the...
conference paper 2012
Vermeer, P.A. (author), De Borst, R. (author)
With reference to practical engineering problems it is shown that considerable differences may be encountered between the results from associated and those from nonassociated plasticity theories. Next, the need for a non-associated plasticity theory is demonstrated by considering test results for sand, concrete and rock. Elementary material...
journal article 1984
Vermeer, P.A. (author)
doctoral thesis 1980