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Jöns, K.D. (author), Schweickert, L.S. (author), Versteegh, M.A.M. (author), Dalacu, Dan (author), Poole, Philip J. (author), Gulinatti, Angelo (author), Giudice, Andrea (author), Zwiller, V.G. (author), Reimer, M.E. (author)
Global, secure quantum channels will require efficient distribution of entangled photons. Long distance, low-loss interconnects can only be realized using photons as quantum information carriers. However, a quantum light source combining both high qubit fidelity and on-demand bright emission has proven elusive. Here, we show a bright photonic...
journal article 2017
Reimer, M.E. (author), Bulgarini, G. (author), Fognini, A.W. (author), Heeres, R.W. (author), Witek, B.J. (author), Versteegh, M.A.M. (author), Rubino, A. (author), Braun, T. (author), Kamp, M. (author), Höfling, S. (author), Dalacu, D (author), Lapointe, J (author), Poole, Philip J. (author), Zwiller, V.G. (author)
One of the key challenges in developing quantum networks is to generate single photons with high brightness, purity, and long temporal coherence. Semiconductor quantum dots potentially satisfy these requirements; however, due to imperfections in the surrounding material, the coherence generally degrades with increasing excitation power...
journal article 2016
Versteegh, M.A.M. (author), Van Capel, P.J.S. (author), Dijkhuis, J.I. (author)
We present an ultrafast all-optical gated amplifier, or transistor, consisting of a forest of ZnO nanowire lasers. A gate light pulse creates a dense electron-hole plasma and excites laser action inside the nanowires. Source light traversing the nanolaser forest is amplified, partly as it is guided through the nanowires, and partly as it...
journal article 2012