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de Boer, Maaike H.T. (author), Vethman, Steven (author), Bakker, R.M.B. (author), Adhikari, Ajaya (author), Marcus, Michiel (author), de Greeff, Joachim (author), van der Waa, J.S. (author), van Zoelen, E.M. (author), Kamphorst, Bart (author)
The goal of the FATE system is decision support with use of state-of-the-art human-AI co-learning, explainable AI and fair, secure and privacy-preserving usage of data. This AI-based support system is a general system, in which the modules can be tuned to specific use cases. The FATE system is designed to address different user roles, such as...
journal article 2022
van Stijn, Jip J. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), ten Teije, Annette (author), Vethman, Steven (author)
Increasing automation in the healthcare sector calls for a Hybrid Intelligence (HI) approach to closely study and design the collaboration of humans and autonomous machines. Ensuring that medical HI systems' decision-making is ethical is key. The use of Team Design Patterns (TDPs) can advance this goal by describing successful and reusable...
journal article 2021