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Lesueur, M.J.B.P. (author), Zhang, X. (author), Poulet, Thomas (author), Veveakis, Manolis (author)
The seminal work of Gurson (J Eng Mater Technol 99:2–5, 1977) on a simplified pore structure, a single spherical pore, first provided a theoretical relationship between the yield stress and the porosity. This contribution extends the approach to determine the macroscopic yield of a porous material by taking explicitly into account its...
conference paper 2023
Lesueur, M.J.B.P. (author), Veveakis, Manolis (author), Rattez, Hadrien (author)
Digital Rock Physics has reached a level of maturity on the characterisation of primary properties that depend on the microstructure - such as porosity, permeability or elastic moduli - by numerically solving field equations on μCT scan images of rock. After small deformations or at depth though, most rocks eventually reach their limit of...
journal article 2022