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Katayama, Y. (author), Kayumi, T. (author), Ueda, J. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), Viana, B (author), Tanabe, S (author)
In this paper, Mn2+ and Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Yb) co-doped MgGeO3 phosphors were prepared using a solid state reaction technique, and their optical properties were investigated. Mn2+-doped samples exhibit persistent luminescence in the red region, peaking at 677 nm, because of the 4T1 → 6A1 transition of the Mn2+ ions under ultraviolet (UV) excitation....
journal article 2017
Pidol, L. (author), Viana, B. (author), Galtayries, A. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author)
journal article 2005