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Grundmann, Jan Thimo (author), Bauer, Waldemar (author), Boden, Ralf (author), Ceriotti, Matteo (author), Chand, Suditi (author), Heiligers, M.J. (author), Vergaaij, Merel (author), Viavattene, Giulia (author), Wolff, Friederike (author)
The exploration of small solar system bodies started with fast fly-bys of opportunity on the sidelines of missions to the planets. The tiny new worlds seen turned out to be so intriguing and different from all else (and each other) that dedicated sample-return and in-situ analysis missions were developed and launched. Through these, highly...
journal article 2019
Mooij, E. (author), Viavattene, Giulia (author)
The growing interest in hypersonic spaceplanes, as a new promising concept for space flight, requires that their flying qualities and controllability characteristics are well understood. These properties are investigated along the spaceplane’s ascent and re-entry trajectory. The analyses of the stability, trim capabilities and flying...
conference paper 2019
Viavattene, Giulia (author)
Spaceplanes represent a new promising concept for space flight. A spaceplane is a reusable, safe, efficient and economical space transportation system that can generate lift during its atmospheric flight, analogously to an aircraft, and it is able to travel in space as a spacecraft. What makes spaceplanes so attractive is the possibility of...
master thesis 2018