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Sunil, E. (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Bussink, F (author), Vidosavljevic, A (author), Nieuwenhuisen, D (author)
Airspace structure can be used as a procedural mechanism for a priori separation and organization of en-route air traffic. Although many studies have explored novel structuring methods to increase en-route airspace capacity, the relationship between the level of structuring of traffic and airspace capacity is not well established. To better...
conference paper 2016
Sunil, E. (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Bussink, F. (author), Nieuwenhuisen, D. (author), Vidosavljevic, A. (author), Kern, S. (author)
Personal and unmanned aerial vehicles have received increasing media attention over the last decade. As a result of the growing excitement for these two aircraft types, many within and outside the aerospace industry envision a future in which large numbers of small aircraft fly over urban areas. With this vision for the future, the question...
conference paper 2015