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van Vliet, Daan M. (author), Lin, Y. (author), Bale, Nicole J. (author), Koenen, Michel (author), Villanueva, Laura (author), Stams, Alfons J.M. (author), Sánchez-Andrea, Irene (author)
Recently, we isolated two marine strains, F1<sup>T</sup> and F21<sup>T</sup>, which together with Kiritimatiella glycovorans L21-Fru-AB<sup>T</sup> are the only pure cultures of the class Kiritimatiellae within the phylum Verrucomicrobiota. Here, we present an in-depth genome-guided characterization of both isolates with emphasis on their...
journal article 2020
Bale, Nicole J. (author), Sorokin, Dimitry Y. (author), Hopmans, Ellen C. (author), Koenen, Michel (author), Irene Rijpstra, W. C. (author), Villanueva, Laura (author), Wienk, Hans (author), Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S. (author)
We analyzed the polar membrane lipids of 13 strains of halo(alkali)philic euryarchaea from hypersaline lakes. Nine belong to the class Halobacteria, representing two functional groups: aerobic polysaccharide utilizers and sulfur-respiring anaerobes. The other four strains represent halo(alkali)philic methanogens from the class Methanomicrobia...
journal article 2019
Lüke, Claudia (author), Speth, Daan R. (author), Kox, Martine A R (author), Villanueva, Laura (author), Jetten, M.S.M. (author)
Oxygen minimum zones (OMZ) are areas in the global ocean where oxygen concentrations drop to below one percent. Low oxygen concentrations allow alternative respiration with nitrate and nitrite as electron acceptor to become prevalent in these areas, making them main contributors to oceanic nitrogen loss. The contribution of anammox and...
journal article 2016