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Ahmadi Dastjerdi, A. (author), Vinagre, Blas M. (author), Chen, Yang Quan (author), Hassan HosseinNia, S. (author)
Today, there is a great tendency toward using fractional calculus to solve engineering problems. The control is one of the fields in which fractional calculus has attracted a lot of attention. On the one hand, fractional order dynamic models simulate characteristics of real dynamic systems better than integer order models. On the other hand,...
review 2019
Feliu-Talegon, Daniel (author), Feliu-Batlle, Vicente (author), Tejado, Inés (author), Vinagre, Blas M. (author), Hassan HosseinNia, S. (author)
The control of robots that interact with the environment is an open area of research. Two applications that benefit from this study are: the control of the force exerted by a robot on an object, which allows the robot to perform complex tasks like assembly operations, and the control of collisions, which allows the robot safely collaborate...
journal article 2019
Lopez Romero, M.A. (author), Prieto-Arranz, Javier (author), Traver, Jose Emilio (author), Hunt, A. (author), Hassan HosseinNia, S. (author), Tejado, Ines (author), Vinagre, Blas M. (author)
Ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuators have promising applications in robotics and medicine in a not distance future, which will require a big knowledge in different fields, such as, manufacturing, material characterization and control theory. In this paper, frequency response of several IPMC actuators, cut from the same bulk IPMC sheet...
conference paper 2018