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Vincent, David (author), Lambrechts, Jonathan (author), Karatekin, Özgur (author), Van Hoolst, Tim (author), Tyler, Robert H. (author), Dehant, Véronique (author), Deleersnijder, E.L.C. (author)
The natural modes of Ontario Lacus surface oscillations, the largest lake in Titan’s southern hemisphere, are simulated and analyzed as they are potentially of broad interest in a variety of dynamical researches. We found that tidal forces are too low in frequency to excite the (barotropic) normal modes. Broadband wind forcing likely spans...
journal article 2019
Vincent, David (author), Karatekin, Özgur (author), Vallaeys, Valentin (author), Hayes, Alexander G (author), Mastrogiuseppe, Marco (author), Notarnicola, Claudia (author), Dehant, Véronique (author), Deleersnijder, E.L.C. (author)
In the context of the emergence of extraterrestrial oceanography, we adapted an existing oceanographic model, SLIM (, to the conditions of Titan, a moon of Saturn. The tidal response of the largest southern lake at Titan’s surface, namely Ontario Lacus, is simulated. SLIM solves the 2D, depth-averaged shallow water equations...
journal article 2016