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van Dijk, B. (author), Allen, K.J.H. (author), Helal, M. (author), Vogely, H. C. (author), Lam, M.G.E.H. (author), de Klerk, J. M.H. (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), van der Wal, B.C.H. (author), Dadachova, E. (author)
Background Implant associated infections such as periprosthetic joint infections are difficult to treat as the bacteria form a biofilm on the prosthetic material. This biofilm complicates surgical and antibiotic treatment. With rising antibiotic resistance, alternative treatment options are needed to treat these infections in the future. The...
journal article 2020
van Dijk, B. (author), Lemans, J. V.C. (author), Hoogendoorn, R. M. (author), Dadachova, E. (author), de Klerk, J. M.H. (author), Vogely, H. C. (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), Lam, M. G.E.H. (author), van der Wal, B. C.H. (author)
BACKGROUND: Widespread use and misuse of antibiotics have led to a dramatic increase in the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, while the discovery and development of new antibiotics is declining. This has made certain implant-associated infections such as periprosthetic joint infections, where a biofilm is formed, very difficult to...
review 2020
Croes, M. (author), de Visser, H. (author), Meij, B. P. (author), Lietart, K. (author), van der Wal, B. C.H. (author), Vogely, H. C. (author), Fluit, A. C. (author), Boel, C. H.E. (author), Alblas, J. (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), Amin Yavari, S. (author)
A model is needed to study the effectiveness of different anti-bacterial coatings on complex metal implants in a bone environment. This article shares data on the design of porous titanium implants for intramedullary implantation in the proximal rat tibia. The implant length, diameter and porosity were optimized after testing on cadaveric...
journal article 2018