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Tchebotareva, A. (author), Hermans, S.L.N. (author), Humphreys, P.C. (author), Voigt, D. (author), Harmsma, P.J. (author), Cheng, Lun K. (author), Verlaan, Ad L. (author), Dijkhuizen, Niels (author), De Jong, Wim (author), Dréau, A.E. (author), Hanson, R. (author)
We report on the realization and verification of quantum entanglement between a nitrogen-vacancy electron spin qubit and a telecom-band photonic qubit. First we generate entanglement between the spin qubit and a 637 nm photonic time-bin qubit, followed by photonic quantum frequency conversion that transfers the entanglement to a 1588 nm...
journal article 2019
Lešundák, Adam (author), Voigt, D. (author), Cip, Ondrej (author), Berg, Steven Van Den (author)
Homodyne interferometry with a frequency comb as multi-wavelength source is a powerful method to measure long distances with high accuracy. The measurement principle requires that individual comb modes are spectrally resolved, making hundreds or thousands of accurately known wavelengths available for interferometry. For this reason the method...
journal article 2017
Meskers, A.J.H. (author), Voigt, D. (author), Spronck, J.W. (author)
Many error sources can affect the accuracy of displacement measuring interferometer systems. In heterodyne interferometry two laser source frequencies constitute the finally detected wavefront. When the wavefronts of these source frequencies are non-ideal and one of them walks off the detector, the shape of the detected wavefront will vary. This...
journal article 2013