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Wessel, Mairieli (author), Mens, Tom (author), Wagner, Stefan (author)
contribution to periodical 2022
Lemme, Max C. (author), Wagner, Stefan (author), Lee, Kangho (author), Fan, Xuge (author), Verbiest, G.J. (author), Wittmann, Sebastian (author), Lukas, Sebastian (author), Dolleman, R.J. (author), Niklaus, Frank (author), van der Zant, H.S.J. (author), Duesberg, Georg S. (author), Steeneken, P.G. (author)
The unique properties and atomic thickness of two-dimensional (2D) materials enable smaller and better nanoelectromechanical sensors with novel functionalities. During the last decade, many studies have successfully shown the feasibility of using suspended membranes of 2D materials in pressure sensors, microphones, accelerometers, and mass...
review 2020