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Wahyudi, A. (author), Kuk, George (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author)
Data seldom create value by themselves. They need to be linked and combined from multiple sources, which can often come with variable data quality. The task of improving data quality is a recurring challenge. In this paper, we use a case study of a large telecom company to develop a generic process pattern model for improving data quality....
journal article 2018
Wahyudi, A. (author), Farhani, Adiska (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author)
Today’s financial service organizations have a data deluge. A number of V’s are often used to characterize big data, whereas traditional data quality is characterized by a number of dimensions. Our objective is to investigate the complex relationship between big data and data quality. We do this by comparing the big data characteristics with...
conference paper 2018
Haryadi, Adiska Fardani (author), Hulstijn, Joris (author), Wahyudi, A. (author), van der Voort, H.G. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author)
Big data has been acknowledged for its enormous potential. In contrast to the potential, in a recent survey more than half of financial service organizations reported that big data has not delivered the expected value. One of the main reasons for this is related to data quality. The objective of this research is to identify the antecedents of...
conference paper 2017