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van Dooren, K.S. (author), Tijs, B.H.A.H. (author), Waleson, J. E.A. (author), Bisagni, C. (author)
Two aeronautical thermoplastic composite stiffened panels are analysed and tested to investigate the buckling behaviour, the skin-stringer separation and the final failure mode. The panels are made of fast crystallising polyetherketoneketone carbon composite, have three stringers with an angled cap on one side, and are joined to the skin by a...
journal article 2023
Tijs, B.H.A.H. (author), Doldersum, M.H.J. (author), Turon, A. (author), Waleson, J. E.A. (author), Bisagni, C. (author)
The capability of joining two thermoplastic composite parts by welding is a key technology to reduce the weight and cost of assembled parts and enables high volume manufacturing of future aeronautical structures made of thermoplastic composite materials. However, there is not much experimental understanding of the mechanisms involving welded...
journal article 2022