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Rybak, M. (author), Hodges, JA (author), Greve3, T. R. (author), Riechers, D. (author), Lamperti, I. (author), van Marrewijk, J. (author), Walter, F. (author), Wagg, J. (author), van der Werf, P. P. (author)
Dusty star-forming galaxies (DSFGs) at redshift z ≥ 1 are among the most vigorously star-forming galaxies in the Universe. However, their dense (≥10 <sup>5</sup>cm <sup>-3</sup>) gas phase - typically traced by HCN(1-0) - remains almost entirely unexplored: only two DSFGs have been detected in HCN(1-0) to date. We present the results of a...
journal article 2022
Lindner, F. (author), Weemstra, C. (author), Walter, F. (author), Hadziioannou, C. (author)
In seismology, coda wave interferometry (CWI) is an effective tool to monitor time-lapse changes using later arriving, multiply scattered coda waves. Typically, CWI relies on an estimate of the medium's impulse response. The latter is retrieved through simple time-averaging of receiver-receiver cross-correlations of the ambient field, that is...
journal article 2018
Walter, F. (author)
public lecture 1991