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Kwok, T.H. (author), Wan, W. (author), Pan, J. (author), Wang, C.C. (author), Yuan, J. (author), Harada, K (author), Chen, Y. (author)
We present a novel method for caging grasps in this paper by stretching ropes on the surface of a 3D object. Both topology and shape of a model to be grasped has been<br/>considered in our approach. Our algorithm can guarantee generating local minimal rings on every topological branches of a given model with the help of a Reeb graph. Cages and...
conference paper 2016
Wan, W. (author)
The whole project is shifting in different scale of design process. Start with a simple concept" space inside space inside space”, Aim to find out the possibility to apply this purely architectural concept into huge scale buildings. Also in materialization aspect, trying to explode and play with bearing and unhearing façade system. To realize...
master thesis 2011