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Wang, Linjun (author)
3D building models play an important role in many real-world applications. Different models are suitable for different application scenarios based on their levels of detail. LOD3 models with facade details are crucial for many applications, such as virtual reality and urban simulation. Currently, 3D building models with lower LOD are largely...
master thesis 2022
FU, RUNNAN (author), JIN, Yuzhen (author), LIU, ZHENYU (author), Mainelli, Xenia Una (author), PAPAKOSTAS, THEODOROS (author), Wang, Linjun (author)
As a method that can accurately represent 3D spatial information, point cloud visualisation for indoor environments is still a relatively unexplored field of research. Our client for this project, the Dutch National Police, requested a variety of potential solutions for visualising (unfamiliar) indoor environments that can be viewed by both...
student report 2021
Liu, Zhenyu (author), Fu, Runnan (author), Wang, Linjun (author), Jin, Yuzhen (author), Papakostas, Theodoros (author), Mainelli, Xenia Una (author), Voûte, R.L. (author), Verbree, E. (author)
Because unknown interior layouts can have serious consequences in time-sensitive situations, crisis response teams request many potential solutions for visualizing indoor environments in crisis scenarios. This research uses a game engine to directly visualize point cloud data input of indoor environments for generating clear interaction between...
conference paper 2021