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Zheng, Jian (author), Lee, Insu (author), Khramenkova, E. (author), Wang, Meng (author), Peng, B. (author), Gutiérrez, Oliver Y. (author), Fulton, John L. (author), Camaioni, Donald M. (author), Pidko, E.A. (author)
Copper-oxo clusters exchanged in zeolite mordenite are active in the stoichiometric conversion of methane to methanol at low temperatures. Here, we show an unprecedented methanol yield per Cu of 0.6, with a 90–95 % selectivity, on a MOR solely containing [Cu<sub>3</sub>(μ-O)<sub>3</sub>]<sup>2+</sup> active sites. DFT calculations,...
journal article 2020
Wang, Meng (author)
Internet of Things (IoT) devices are gaining popularity in daily life as well as in specific fields such as home automation, medical facilities, among others. Many applications can be developed in each domain and new ones appear everyday, requiring a flexible, simple and secure interconnection among "things" [38]. Moreover, IoT platforms could...
master thesis 2017
Manser, Nathan D. (author), Wang, Meng (author), Ergas, Sarina J. (author), Mihelcic, James R. (author), Mulder, Arnold (author), Van De Vossenberg, Jack (author), van Lier, J.B. (author), Van Der Steen, Peter (author)
This study demonstrates the feasibility of combining microalgae, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), and Anammox in a photosequencing batch reactor. Alternating light and dark periods were applied to achieve biological nitrogen removal without mechanical aeration or external electron donor addition. This process is termed ALGAMMOX (algal...
journal article 2016