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Molera Calvés, G. (author), Pogrebenko, S.V. (author), Cimò, G. (author), Duev, D.A. (author), Bocanegra-Bahamón, T.M. (author), Wagner, J.F. (author), Kallunki, J. (author), De Vicente, P. (author), Kronschnabl, G. (author), Haas, R. (author), Quick, J. (author), Maccaferri, G. (author), Colucci, G. (author), Wang, W.H. (author), Yang, W.J. (author), Hao, L.F. (author)
Aims. The phase scintillation of the European Space Agency’s Venus Express (VEX) spacecraft telemetry signal was observed at X-band (? = 3.6 cm) with a number of radio telescopes of the European Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Network in the period 2009–2013. Methods. We found a phase fluctuation spectrum along the Venus orbit with a...
journal article 2014