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Wang, Wang Hao (author)
Current speed of data growth has exponentially increased over the past decade, highlighting the need of modern organizations for data discovery systems. Several (automated) schema matching approaches have been proposed to find related data, exploiting different parts of schema information (e.g. data type, data distribution, column name, etc.)....
master thesis 2022
Wang, WANG (author)
In coastal Tainan, aquaculture had become prosperous for more than 200 years. But the local communities are facing some difficulties in the past decades. These include over-development, flooding, and unstable living quality. The built environment had changed a lot on the site. Developers keep filling soil to the fishponds and build more and more...
master thesis 2021
Li, Martin (author), Wang, Wang Hao (author), van Rijn, Cas (author), Lee, Quentin (author)
Recent times once more informed us on the relevance of capable online collaborative tools. For our online collaborative XML editor, we have looked into technologies for constrained block editing which, obeying schemas such as with XML, permit on- and offline users or agents to add, delete, copy, move, split and merge blocks of text. To that end,...
bachelor thesis 2020