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Wang, Weiming (author), Liu, Yong-Jin (author), Wu, J. (author), Tian, Shengjing (author), Wang, C.C. (author), Liu, Ligang (author), Liu, Xiuping (author)
Offsetting-based hollowing is a solid modeling operation widely used in 3D printing, which can change the model's physical properties and reduce the weight by generating voids inside a model. However, a hollowing operation can lead to additional supporting structures for fabrication in interior voids, which cannot be removed. As a consequence...
journal article 2018
Wang, Weiming (author), Li, Baojun (author), Qian, Sicheng (author), Liu, Yong-Jin (author), Wang, C.C. (author), Liu, Ligang (author), Yin, Baocai (author), Liu, Xiuping (author)
Recently, 3D printing has become a powerful tool for personal fabrication. However, the price of some materials is still high which limits its applications in home users. To optimize the volume of the model, while not largely affecting the strength of the objects, researchers propose algorithms to divide the model with different kinds of...
journal article 2017