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van Duin, Ron (author), van den Band, Nick (author), de Vries, Alexander (author), Ouasghiri, Mohamed (author), Verschoor, Pieter (author), Warffemius, Pim (author), Wiersma, Mark (author)
Het delen van ongebruikte en/of onderbenutte middelen kan nieuwe verbeteringen opleveren in de logistieke waardeketen. In vijf sectoren van het stedelijk goederenvervoer, te weten stadslogistiek, bouwlogistiek, transport & warehousing (retaillogistiek), zorglogistiek en servicelogistiek, worden concepten voor het delen van diensten...
journal article 2022
Molin, E.J.E. (author), Adjenughwure, Kingsley (author), de Bruyn, Menno (author), Cats, O. (author), Warffemius, Pim (author)
Many studies about conducting activities while traveling start from the hypothesis that conducting onboard activities reduces the value of time (VoT). However, surprisingly limited empirical evidence is provided for this hypothesis. The few studies that aim at providing this evidence face methodological problems in the sense that effects...
journal article 2020
van Duin, Ron (author), Warffemius, Pim (author), Verschoor, Pieter (author), de Leeuw, Annemieke (author), Alons-Hoen, Kristel (author)
Container port competitiveness is generally conceptualized as being driven by straightforward criteria, such as port costs, handling efficiency, hinterland connectivity, and the quality of infrastructure and services. Synchromodal freight transport service is an emerging and developing concept of freight transport operations, as shippers and...
conference paper 2019