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Imhoff, R. O. (author), Brauer, C. C. (author), van Heeringen, K. J. (author), Uijlenhoet, R. (author), Weerts, A. H. (author)
To assess the potential of radar rainfall nowcasting for early warning, nowcasts for 659 events were used to construct discharge forecasts for 12 Dutch catchments. Four open-source nowcasting algorithms were tested: Rainymotion Sparse (RM-S), Rainymotion DenseRotation (RM-DR), Pysteps deterministic (PS-D), and probabilistic (PS-P) with 20...
journal article 2022
Wannasin, C. (author), Brauer, C. C. (author), Uijlenhoet, R. (author), van Verseveld, W. J. (author), Weerts, A. H. (author)
Study region: Upper region of the Greater Chao Phraya River (GCPR) basin in Thailand. Study focus: The upper GCPR basin is highly regulated by multipurpose reservoirs, which obviously have altered the natural streamflow. Understanding quantitative effects of such alteration is crucial for effective water resource management. Therefore, this...
journal article 2021
Verkade, J.S. (author), Brown, J. D. (author), Davids, F. (author), Reggiani, P. (author), Weerts, A. H. (author)
Two statistical post-processing approaches for estimation of predictive hydrological uncertainty are compared: (i) ‘dressing’ of a deterministic forecast by adding a single, combined estimate of both hydrological and meteorological uncertainty and (ii) ‘dressing’ of an ensemble streamflow forecast by adding an estimate of hydrological...
journal article 2017