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Westermayr, Maximilian (author), Zeilhofer, Monika (author), Rais, Andreas (author), Kovryga, Andriy (author), van de Kuilen, J.W.G. (author)
The market share of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) wood in the construction sector is low despite an increase in beech stock in Central European Forests in recent years. More efficient sawing techniques, higher lamella grading yields and solving of adhesion challenges may increase the competitiveness of beech glulam and promote its use....
journal article 2022
Westermayr, Maximilian (author), Stapel, Peter (author), van de Kuilen, J.W.G. (author)
This paper investigates the tensile strength and stiffness of low quality beech sawn timber. In addition, the influences of visual and physical characteristics of the beech boards on the mechanical performance were analysed. Visual characteristics like knots, pith or fibre deviation as well as density and dynamic modulus of elasticity were...
conference paper 2018