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Wessel, Mairieli (author), Serebrenik, Alexander (author), Wiese, Igor Scaliante (author), Steinmacher, Igor (author), Gerosa, Marco Aurélio (author)
Software bots have been facilitating several development activities<br/>in Open Source Software (OSS) projects, including code review. However,<br/>these bots may bring unexpected impacts to group dynamics, as frequently<br/>occurs with new technology adoption. Understanding and anticipating such<br/>effects is important for planning and...
journal article 2022
Wessel, Mairieli (author), Abdellatif, Ahmad (author), Wiese, Igor Scaliante (author), Conte, Tayana (author), Shihab, Emad (author), Gerosa, Marco Aurélio (author), Steinmacher, Igor (author)
Software bots automate tasks within Open Source Software (OSS) projects’ pull requests and save reviewing time and effort (“the good”). However, their interactions can be disruptive and noisy and lead to information overload (“the bad”). To identify strategies to overcome such problems, we applied Design Fiction as a participatory method with 32...
conference paper 2022
Aniche, Maurício (author), Treude, Christoph (author), Steinmacher, Igor (author), Wiese, Igor (author), Pinto, Gustavo (author), Storey, Margaret Anne (author), Gerosa, Marco Aurélio (author)
Many developers rely on modern news aggregator sites such as reddit and hn to stay up to date with the latest technological developments and trends. In order to understand what motivates developers to contribute, what kind of content is shared, and how knowledge is shaped by the community, we interviewed and surveyed developers that participate...
conference paper 2018