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Bannenberg, L.J. (author), Qian, F. (author), Dalgliesh, R. M. (author), Martin, N (author), Chaboussant, G. (author), Schmidt, M (author), Schlagel, D. L. (author), Lograsso, T. A. (author), Wilhelm, H (author), Pappas, C. (author)
Magnetic skyrmions are nanosized topologically protected spin textures with particlelike properties. They can form lattices perpendicular to the magnetic field, and the orientation of these skyrmion lattices with respect to the crystallographic lattice is governed by spin-orbit coupling. By performing small-angle neutron scattering measurements,...
journal article 2017
Qian, F. (author), Wilhelm, H. (author), Aqeel, A. (author), Palstra, T.T.M. (author), Lefering, A.J.E. (author), Brück, E.H. (author), Pappas, C. (author)
We present an investigation of the magnetic-field-temperature phase diagram of Cu2OSeO3 based on dc magnetization and ac susceptibility measurements covering a broad frequency range of four orders of magnitude, from very low frequencies reaching 0.1 Hz up to 1 kHz. The experiments were performed in the vicinity of Tc=58.2 K and around the...
journal article 2016